Corrective/Preventative Anti-Aging Face Treatments


LaserGirl Signature Facial is a triple wavelength facial designed to multi-task and maximize results. It begins with an IPL photo facial which addresses sun damage, brown spots and broken spider veins and does overall complexion clearing. This is followed with a fractional non-ablative resurfacing laser which results in tightening, pore reduction, scar revision and wrinkle reduction. Face and Neck $395 series of 3 $1067


IPL Photofacial is intense pulsed laser light which clears the complexion and stimulates collagen production. Removes hyper-pigmentation from sun damage and clears rosacea.
Face and Neck $175


Microneedling is referred to as collagen induction therapy. A mechanized needle creates a controlled injury to the skin, invoking the body’s own healing response. The result is increased collagen production and overall skin rejuvenation.
Face and Neck $250


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening uses RF heat to stimulate collagen. Layer with micro-needling for dramatic results. $75/session or $295 for layered treatment/face


Microdermabrasion polishes skin and exfoliates to keep cellular renewal rate active. Effective for textural issues, scarring, large pores and allover rejuvenation. $75


Chemical Peels are very effective for skin rejuvenation. LaserGirl offers a wide variety of chemical peels, from mild event peels to med-grade corrective peels. Recommended two weeks prior to or following laser treatment. $85


Dermaplaning is an excellent anti-ager and add-on to multiple other facial treatments. Removes fine vellus hair and exfoliates top layer of skin. $65


LaserGirl Flawless Facial is your choice for healing and rejuvenating skin in a relaxing environment. Facial is customized to each client. LaserGirl uses Rhonda Allison products for visible results.  $120/75 minutes


LaserGirl Gent’s Facial is specifically tailored to men’s unique skincare need and utilizes products specifically formulated for men’s PH balance.  $120/75 minutes

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